Most Overrated Actors @ The Mo

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Random
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There are a few actors/actresses out there who are slightly too overrated both in their acting abilities and their choice of film.
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Your disagreements are welcome and expected.
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Therefore, let us discuss the most overrated actors.
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In no particular order
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Johnny Depp
Yes, I know, there will be bitches stabbing me in the head with a very large kitchen knife with the first choice.
I agree, Mr. Depp is an EXTREMELY versatile actor and his abilities are exquisite, but Johnny ended up on this list due to his overtly typecast quality. Ask yourself this, when last did you see him in a film that was either NOT a Tim Burton or a Pirates? I completely GET the franchise responsibilities and the popular blockbuster, but after doing The Tourist I have lost every ounce of faith in Johnny Depp. A horrible film with a once again annoying Angelina Jolie.
His first films were excellent and his CV on IMDB is spectacular, but after doing critical favourites which include Benny And Joon, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas did his typecast quality begin to soar. He is a good actor, he just needs to break away a bit and do something unexpected! (No, Jack Sparrow for the 4th time was NOT unexpected.)

Jessica Alba

Yes, the beautiful Jessica Alba is also on this list. Why? She is not a terrible actress, but not a terribly powerful one either. Her clout lies in her appearance. An exquisite actress with a list of strong blockbusters.
From a television actress in Alias, to the more sufficientFantastic Four. She even did a title with the now defunct Paul Walker, whose career was cut off at the knee caps by too many wrong (did anyone say Joyride?) decisions. Her latest forays into the market are not too popular either.Little Fockers completely destroyed any resemblance to this once up-and-coming actress. Her latest project is a reboot of the Spy Kids franchise in 4D(wtf?). Big money, big boobs but oh so very tiny acting abilities.
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Megan Fox
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A hot woman with a hot career. Too bad about her less than stellar acting abilities. Megan pissed off Steven Spielberg with Transformers 3 and lost her acting credit to that Rosie woman with the long legs. Her pout is instantaneously recognizable and her eyes pierce through an audience. It’s a crying shame that Megan decided to be the bad girl of Hollywood. Her career has no footholds left. Piss off the God of Hollywood and you’re sure as hell going to burn in fire and brimstone. The only special recognition I will be able to give Megan Fox is her strong performance in the brilliant and critically acclaimed Jennifer’s Body.  Megan Fox is reminiscent of a bad Hollywood one liner – The boobs don’t make the moves.

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