Must Watch List of the Week

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Must Watch Lists

This is the list YOU should follow, where latest films are not bogged down by silly trailers and downright dubious marketing techniques.

Each film on this list has been watched, calculated and processed by a film snob’s brain. Your disagreeable comments are welcome.
This list is the truth. I do not pity poor cinema.
In no particular order:
– Scream 4                                                              
If you liked the first, you’ll love the fourth. It is a decade since Wes Craven’s foray into the Scream franchise. Wes decided to reboot the franchise and give it a whole new look after the previous forays into the trilogy, with Scream 2 and 3 being less than stellar.
Must see moment: Kirby Reed’s (Hayden Pannetiere) hairdo.
– Battle L.A.
Many a bastard would disagree with me on this film. Super snobs from the foreign film world will most probably treat me like a sell-out. I don’t care. Battle Los Angeles is a really, REALLY fun movie! It is popcorn-candyfloss-fun from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a night in, watching something mindless, rent Battle Los Angeles. It is a great bit of super packed action! Plus, it is much better than that whore-ish rut of a film called Skyline.
Must see moment: Aliens… Aliens… Aliens…
– The Concert  
For the more refined viewer, The Concert is a must see. A French/Russian colab, directed beautifully by the wonderful Radu Mihaileanu and a plot which will make you want to drink your own tears just to stop crying. The Concert is one of those rare, finer, more emotional films which hits exactly the right spots.
Must see moment: The Communists hiring people for their political meeting
(Special Recognition) – Plata Quemada
Not a latest release, but not many people have heard about this heart wrenching gay interest film. Brokeback Mountain has NOTHING against the exhilaration and emotional depth of this cinematic masterpiece. Nene and Angel. The Twins. Bank robbers. Lovers. Eroticism. Religious symbolism. Death. A true story which will leave you breathless.
Must see moment: Everything.

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