The Most Overhyped and Worst Films (PART 1)

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Random
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Film Cocaine is at it again. We did another short Facebook survey and found some interesting comments on films which deserve a dishonourable mention as either films which did not deserve the hype, or films which were so terrible that the audience vomited small, dirty children on bicycles.

So, without further annoying hesitation, Film Cocaine presents this dishonourable list of ghastly moments where Hollywood overplayed her hand.

Black Swan (Too much damn hype!)

This, the 6th film by the ever popular Darren Aronofsky, was released in 2010 and was hailed as Natalie Portman’s greatest performance to date. Portman went on to win the Academy Award in the Best Actress category at the 2011 Academy Awards.

Jennifer Rees said on Facebook:

” and at the risk of having my head chopped off, i think black swan was really overrated. fine, acting was good and everything, but the themes and symbols were very duh.”

Film Cocaine decided to investigate this claim. Was Black Swan a ballet themed masterpiece? Or was Black Swan one of the most overrated films of the past year?

Film Cocaine Conclusion:

Jennifer, Film Cocaine agrees… and disagrees, to a certain extent. The symbolism and thematic content of Black Swan did not always work, but mostly, Black Swan worked. The masturbation scene where Portman’s mother is sleeping beside her was one of the most disturbing and shocking scenes in recent cinematic years. Aronofsky used Freudian principles in order to prove a point with the mother being the object of  insanity and the characterization led to a smothering archetype which was then contrasted by sexual rebellion. The thematic narrative which Black Swan held throughout the length of the film deviated into not merely the insatiable desire for perfection, but also the popular theme of enslaving a character’s psyche through the desire for perfection.

Most of Aronofsky’s films have this immediate disturbing aspect to them, e.g. the mother’s hand slammed in the door. Black Swan’s overrated quality comes from not being able to deliver what it promised. The entire film did not entirely live up to the expected hype with which it was carried through the awards season. Black Swan was not entirely a fantastic film and strangely lacked a very well known Aronofsky quality, imagery which hands the audience a sense of utter nausea on a silver, severed, platter.


James Cameron’s masterpiece. The highest grossing film of all time. The biggest film project to EVER be undertaken. Surely, Avatar must have some quality to its’ quantity?

Our Facebook commentator, Steven Cohen, disagrees.

A resounding “Avatar!” exploded through the deafening silence on an innocent Facebook status. Avatar fanatics hunted down Steven recently and punched him in the head. Some even decided to off themselves and wrote a suicide note in Na’vi.

Film Cocaine could not let this juicy statement just be. Steven, from Film Cocaine to you, you have guts buddy.

This is the conclusion to the investigation:

Film Cocaine disagrees, unfortunately. Avatar exceeded all expectations. Now, as you all know, I am not one for Hollywood blockbusters as these films are usually quite terrible, but Avatar had a special quality to it, a powerful and ethereal quality which is unrivaled by most Hollywood films. Avatar’s basic essence lies in the wonderful social commentary which James Cameron eloquently defined, humanity is destroying the beauty in the world through blatant destruction. I see Avatar as a MORE green film than Al Gore’s documentary. It is an important message and James Cameron conveys it in a subtle and beautiful manner.  I am not an Avatar fan, per say as I always try to remain as objectively as possible. Avatar was a powerful film and brought the 3D craze into the film world. Avatar was not just a film, it was a watershed moment in the history of cinema.

The Dishonourable List (Most Overhyped And Worst Films In Recent Years!)

10.  Slumdog Millionaire

Too melodramatic!

9.  Vampires Suck

The only funny thing about this film? Ha! Nothing.

8.  Any Twilight Film

Kirsten Stewart sighing ONE MILLION TIMES kind of gives the terrible acting away

7.  Pearl Harbour

Back in the day when Josh Hartnett still had a career as a hear throb. Some pundits touted it as becoming bigger than Titanic. Really? Titanic had heart. Pearl Harbour had dramatics

6.  Babel

The final exposition of Alejandro Sans Inarritu’s Death Trilogy. A very, very good film, but slightly overrated for the impact it was meant to have.

5. The Hottie and The Nottie

Not overhyped, just one big, burning pile of shit. Paris Hilton? Hell no!

4. Basic Instinct 2

This sequel was marred by horrible acting, a terrible plot and completely destroyed the basic premise of a very basic instinct, good film making.

3. Transformers 2

The franchise was completely ripped apart by this horribly overrated, money-making waste of time. I have one word for Transformers 2 – SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT. Oh, wait? That’s more than one word? I don’t care, because I will never EVER get back those two hours of my life!

2. Any Scary Movie film after the first one

This franchise is one of the worst film franchises ever made. It reinvented the crass humour which was so definitive in the late 90’s. The Scary Movie franchise was the most useless franchise in the history of film and raped the very essence of what film SHOULD be. 

And now, for the worst and/or most overrated film made in recent years:

1. Jackass

Nothing will come close to this, the worst and most over hyped film, perhaps of ALL time. I am sorry for all those people that watched Jackass when it came out the first time (including myself). I am sorry that you’re now stuck with 20 less IQ points than you had. Many MENSA members lost their membership moments after they left the cinema.


What do you think? Did Film Cocaine get it all wrong? Is Film Cocaine on track? Give us your ideas and comments below.



  1. Hmmm, I agree with your assessment of Black Swan. I didn’t always enjoy it, but thought it was well done. Avatar, while not good, was fun. Your top (bottom?) ten list does your good taste justice, sir.

    • rpalland says:

      Haha! Thank you Zane, that final list was kind of a difficult decision. I struggled with a list of about 40 terrible and over hyped films and ended up with the top (or bottom) 10. 🙂

  2. Aimee de Kock says:

    I agree! There are many more to add to this list, but these seem to be the main ones!!!!!!

    • rpalland says:

      Yes! I am definitely going to do a second part to this list as I believe the bad and over hyped films FAR outweigh the good ones, plus it is always fun to diss a bad movie!!

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