The Hottest Film Stars In The World (PART 1)

Posted: August 17, 2011 in List!, Random
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Film Cocaine does not intend to be a blog detailing the bags of gossip garbage which so many other blogs write about. We’re serious about film and so should you be, but sometimes, one needs to lighten up a bit and write a fluff piece about the hottest film stars in the world.

Film Cocaine took a Facebook vote recently and decided to come up with this list, with the top 5 male and female film stars with the highest amount of votes. Film Cocaine had no say in compiling this list as this blog is a serious and objective film blog, but without the fear of becoming too pretentious, here we go!


Number 5.

In our number 5 spot, as voted by the Facebook peeps at WSJ, this beautifully matured actress who once was married to Mr. Die Hard himself came in the 5th spot after the second vote. She is now married to none other than the new Two and A Half Men lead, Ashton Kutcher.

Guess who?

Demi Moore rose to stardom in the early 90’s with films such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Ghost, A Few Good Men and Disclosure. In recent years, Demi has not been too successful with fading film career and starred in critical and box office failures such as The Joneses. Demi is one extremely beautiful woman and deserves to be on this list of sexiest female film stars in the world!



Number 4.

This luscious Spanish beauty is famous for her pout and take-me-to-bed-eyes. She came 4th in the second vote and deserves a spot on this list due to her varied choice of film and being a serious actress.

Eva Mendes is one extremely sexy woman!

She gained stardom in Fast and The Furious with the defunct Paul Walker and continued to rise in the ranks of Hollywood with films such as Hitch where she starred alongside the popular Hollywood kid, Will Smith. There are still great things on the horizon for Eva Mendes and she is seen in Hollywood as a “gutsy and cool gal”. Film Cocaine agrees!



Number 3.                                            

We’re getting down to the wire. Number 3 on this list is given to the Hollywood darling of our modern age, none other than the recent Oscar Winner, Sandra Bullock. 

Sandra Bullock’s career spans further than most people are able to count. She is a tough cookie, after suffering from extreme heartache after the infidelity of her husband, Jesse James, weeks after she took home her first acting Oscar for The Blind Side (which was one of her greatest acting performances to date), Sandra bounced back and became even more beautiful than before!

Sandra Bullock deserves her spot on this list due to her fame and her inspiring attitude as one of the biggest female power players in Hollywood.

Film Cocaine loves you Sandra!  



Number 2.        

This Hollywood bomb shell was once a “friend” and then she ended up in the Pitts. Cliched puns aside, Jennifer Aniston was one of the only actors from the Friends cast that became a Hollywood heavyweight. Her oh-shucks-I-am-hot appeal and her famous hairdo’s have given her a chance to explode onto Hollywood, reinvent herself and become headline news over night. It doesn’t hurt to be known as the ex-wife of Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston deserves the number 2 spot due to her famous boyfriends, blockbuster films and audience appeal which is unparalleled since the olden days of Hollywood. Jen Aniston is not a critical darling, but no-one cares, Jennifer is a very, very beautiful woman.





And now, our coveted number one spot. Who will become our reigning Hottest Actress In The World?

Drum roll please?

With the most votes on both our surveys and one of the most influential actresses to EVER have lived, none other than the critical favourite and who was once the highest paid actress in the world…








Julia Roberts has always been one of the most powerful actresses to ever have graced the silver screen. She has some of the biggest and most influential films in movie history to her belt. She gave all of it up for a married life and children and only recently made a comeback with the wonderful, Eat Pray Love. Julia Roberts is not merely a popular actress, but an inspirational female figure throughout the world. From Ghana to Greece. From Australia to Austria. From USA to UK. There is no one on this planet who’ve not heard of Julia Roberts. This includes all those non-contacted tribes in Papa New Guinea.

Congratulations to the popular and gracious Julia Roberts for being voted THE HOTTEST ACTRESS IN THE WORLD! Film Cocaine salutes you!



This was Film Cocaine’s first list. To follow, the hottest male actors in the world. Did Film Cocaine get it right? Log in through your Facebook account if you took part in the survey or IF NOT and comment! 

  1. pointhalf says:

    Extremely beautiful women.

  2. Martin Venter says:

    …What about Kate Winslet? She is indeed a timeless, natural beauty with quite the career! In my heart, she is number one. But, as you’ve said, the democracy has spoken.

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