No Strings Attached

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Reviews
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The film dips its’ toes into a crass and predictable plot which jack knifes around stocky characterization. There is no real flesh to this film and Ivan Reitman’s (Ghostbusters) heavy directing led to scenes which were a bit too slow on the uptake.

The Plot: Adam meets Emma. They become sex friends. There is not anything more spectacular or worthy about the rest of the plot.

The Review: No Strings Attached treads a very, very thin line between chauvinistic characterization and a watered down feminist backlash. There is no real balance in the film as Natalie Portman’s character, Emma, is a hold-him-under-my-thumb  type of feminist and Ashton Kutcher’s character, Adam, lacks a sense of power and oomph which is required in order to make the plot work. It is nonsensical and blatantly treats the viewer to an appetizing trip down cliche lane.

Emma (Natalie Portman) is a bit rough around the edges and the characterization completely overpowers the plot devices which use both sexuality and awkwardness in order to obtain the sensation of pretty rom-com. The crass dialogue leaves the viewer hanging, waiting for a stronger delivery and a larger punch. No Strings Attached delved into real life dramatics and stuck its’ toe into a large pool of soppy, sloppy and sleepy cliched plot shenanigans.

It wasn’t all bad and even though No Strings Attached suffered from more faults than San Andreas, Ashton Kutcher strangely saved the day.  His performance was surprisingly less goofy and he is (extremely slowly) maturing into a dramatic actor.

The film was coincidentally released close to the hype of Black Swan where Natalie won the Academy Award for Best Actress. The film does absolutely no justice to Natalie’s career.

The only truly enjoyable feature of No Strings Attached was the wonderful and hysterical Kevin Kline as Adam’s (Ashton Kutcher) father. GREAT SCOTT!

If you’re looking for a cute rom-com, No Strings is right down your alley. Don’t expect too much and be sure to prepare yourself for the crass humour and slightly offbeat sexual plot devices.



  1. babblecat says:

    This looks like one of those movies where the actors act on autopilot.

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