A Change Is Comin’!

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Random

The regular readers of Film Cocaine will know that the entire blog is randomized. The idea behind Film Cocaine began so that both film connoisseurs and the average film watcher will be able to interact and read about movies, theater and the entertainment world.

The problem with a randomized blog is that some topics seem to have bigger hits than others. The lists have been extremely popular and received over 300 hits per day. The loyal readers of Film Cocaine have given feedback and they demand more lists and more niche sub-genres.

Film Cocaine has went from being a passionate blog to becoming a full-time child and due to time constraints and the excessive situation with having a life outside of writing 24 hours a day, I have implemented the columnist competition called Film Cocaine Idol.

I have also decided to go with an extra columnist to write more on the classic cinematic masterpieces. His reviews will feature once a week (for the time being) and he will inform the general readership about all the amazing classic films which no-one knows about anymore! More on this, a bit later.

The winner of Film Cocaine Idol will also be implemented in this manner and will also write once a week for a regular column.

I will still write on a daily basis and be assured readers, Film Cocaine will ALWAYS tell you the truth about cinema! We are the most efficient at being film snobs! Film addicts unite, always!

Much love,



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