Flashback to… “An Introduction to Flashback”

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Random


So you were expecting a review?  Well today there won’t be one.  I would however like to introduce this column properly and outline some plans for the future.

The aim of Flashback:

When I was asked what I would like to write about for this column my answer was simple.  I wanted Carte Blanche when it came to my subject matter. However my main focus would be on some of the older gems and the classics that aren’t as well known by todays younger or “modern” audiences.   I want to highlight the good films of the past that now due to their age, or rather the age of the current audience, have slipped into obscurity.  Just because I refer to classics don’t think it means stuffy old films no one really cares about.  As my “Blade Runner” review indicates a classic can be a relatively recent* movie.

What I hope to achieve with Flashback:

Very simply, I want to inform, entertain, and educate our readers about films, genres and even actors and directors they may otherwise have passed by.

What can you, the reader, expect to see in this column?

The main focus as I’ve already said is to review the old classics.  Something I’m planning on doing is occasionally dedicating a months’ worth of reviews to a specific genre or director or even actor.

From time to time I may also write background pieces of upcoming movies or retrospectives about classic films as well as posting my own lists.

I also plan on occasionally posing our readers a question about film or starting an opinion poll.  The reason for this being that while we have a large and ever growing number of readers I see very little feedback or interaction on the site comments.  I hope that with these questions or polls I can get our readers more actively involved with all of us at film cocaine and each other.  I also welcome feedback and suggestions from all of our readers.

I hope that you will find this column worthwhile and that I achieve the aforementioned goals.

Thanks for reading,

“The Movie Guy”

*Yes I realise that for some of our readers 1982 is way before they were born but its recent considering the 117 years of film history to date.




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