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Your chances of becoming a film star is as good as the next person’s, IF you want it, really, really badly.

Therefore, an extremely important check list you should read before even CONSIDERING entering the film world.

  • There is no clear cut way to become an actor. Some are found in shopping malls, some are pitched by agents and others are found in closets with pink haired trolls and suffer from a terrible lack of acting ability (please refer to most up and coming actors currently residing in Hollywood). Ninety nine percent luck. One percent talent.
  • Becoming an actor is like eating an apple. The first bit tastes REALLY good and you yearn for more of the fleshy bits and sugary juice which ever so eloquently escapes the sides of your mouth. You munch like an idiot, until you reach the bitter middle part and realize that you’re full and your teeth feel weird. This is much like acting. It begins with a passion and ends with becoming a brand name and business.
  • Fame and fortune is NOT all that. Fame can be found on every street corner. She is the one with the red hair and the blue corset.  Fame and fortune is very 1995.
  • If you’re really serious about this film star business and wish to see your name in flashing lights or your hand prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then you should seriously consider getting a makeover. No look is EVER the right look for Hollywood.
  • If all else fails and you realize there is NO way into the elite of Hollywood, enter a reality show. The 15 minutes of fame you achieve from either being voted off the island, being the last team to arrive or leaving the house immediately, really brings some extra spice and buzz to your future as an actor. Hey, if Elizabeth Hasselbeck (contestant on Survivor Season 2: Australian Outback) could become a conservative prude on The View, you could do it too!
  • Please note, never ever wish to become Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal. They are old, outdated and as I mentioned above, REALLY 1995.
Have you always wanted to become an actor? Share your experiences below!
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